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Buying a house in the Netherlands

Looking for your dream house? Take a look at our current selection!

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The advisory

The quest for the perfect house starts with summing up your demands. Is there a certain neighbourhood u wish to live in? What kind of residence are you looking for? How many bedrooms does it have to contain? All these kind of questions will be discussed with one of our brokers in the advisory, which is cost free. When we’ve made a list of your demands, we can really start the searching part!

We help finding
We help findingyour dreamhouse

The search

Our brokers are always well informed about the latest ins and outs, concerning the real estate market. The broker often knows about properties that are going for sale, before the actual ‘for sale sign’ is out there or an advertisement appears on the internet. With this knowledge, the broker you are connected with, can give you a sign when the house of your dreams comes on the market. Because of this, you will have a major advantage over the other potential buyers in the market.

Viewing a
Viewing aproperty

The viewing

Did you find the house of your dreams? Well, then it’s about time for a visit. During the viewing we are going to help you to find out if the property matches your expectations and wishes. Our broker will also point out some important matters concerning the house, and will advise a complementary inquiry, if necessary. In this way he will take care of unexpected matters before an actual purchase occurs. So, you’ve had your visit and you are still into this house? Let’s start the negotiations.


The negotiations

Negotiating is a craft, and it is our craft! Buying and selling houses is the thing we do every day, so no one knows how to play the negotiating game better than we do. Together we decide your strategy for the negotiations. Is the asking price reasonable? Is there a lot of competition? Do you want to move in within a short period? All these questions are important while negotiating. We will help you to purchase the house for the lowest possible price and for the beneficial conditions.


The settlement

All of the four steps above went well and now you’ve found the house of your dreams! Still, there are some things that have to be taken care of. Of course the actual buying of the house is not the last moment you have been seeing us. Reading through and signing the purchase-agreement. Getting you in contact with a financial advisor, if necessary. The key transfer at the notary. These are just a couple of things that have to be done after the purchase, and we will help you in those matters as well.

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